A list of cool Skeleton movies


There is no doubt that usually a picture is worth much more than dozens of words. Both Youtube and increasing quality of movie cameras and PCs processing power changed the way we got information. There are a lot of movie clips about the sliding sport of skeleton. Starting from POV videos taken by GoPro mounted on the helmet, going through amateur para-documentary, from fully professional and high quality Eurosport or RedBull footage. Below they are what I think are the best I have seen.

The most impressive video I’ve ever seen, not only about the skeleton itself. The guy with both legs amputated trying to become a slider – When You look at such amount of determination You can only complain about your own excuses. The vide shows also the part of Bromley`s plant and his production process.
At the top of the track, before the race I tell myself: „There is nothing I can’t do”. People have died doing this and I know that, but going 90MPH (cca 130 Km/h) is so damn fun 🙂
This movie (in about 0:30) shows very well what usually happens if You exit a curve to late

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNHTxbIHMW0

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